Premium Alum Crystal Deodorant Stone Odor Killer with Bamboo Storage Box 100% Natural

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LA Body Worx Premium Deodorant Block comes in a decorative bamboo storage box

* 24-hour Odor Eliminating Protection

* Family Friendly - Hypoallergenic - No Chemicals

* Naturally Good - Unscented - Non-Staining

* Use it from your neck down to your toes, great for all your stinky parts!

LA BODY WORX – DEODORANT CRYSTAL BLOCK is the most effective natural deodorant on the planet and is a great family choice. This long lasting Deodorant Stone is 100% Chemical & Additive Free. The Deodorant Crystal Block works by eliminating bacterial growth which is the primary cause of body odor and will not clog your skin pores. LA Body Worx Deodorant Crystal Block is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a Premium Clean & Pure Deodorant.


Directions: After bathing or showering just moisten the Crystal Deodorant Block and generously apply to clean skin only. When you are done just place the block back into the included bamboo storage box.

Many Traditional Stick and Rollon Deodorant Antiperspirants block your skin pores with chemicals and prevent body toxins from getting eliminated when you perspire. Those types of deodorants prevent what your body wants to do naturally. LA Body Worx Premium Alum Crystal Deodorant Stone reduces sweating and puts a thin layer of protection on your skin that eliminates bacterial growth anywhere on your body and stops body odor.

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